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S.U.N. ! ~ Scheduled Up Next



  • THURSDAY, 2/20/20: 7:00 Mass Choir
  • SATURDAY, 2/22/20: 11:00 Mass Choir                                                                        
Sunday, February 16, 2020; Morning Worship
  • The Children's Choir (CC)
  • The IBC Choir (IBC)
  • The Hymn Singers
  • The Praize Syndicate Musicians
Congregational Hymn: #478 Lift Every Voice and Sing
1st Choral Selections: CC-In His Time
                                       That's What it Says in the Word                                     

Offering: IBC-Give
Sermonic Selection: IBC-Through It All
Welcome Song: Shake Somebody's Hand
Post-Sermonic Hymn/Song: #412 Lift Him Up

Communion: N/A