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  • THURSDAY, 5/30/19: 7:00: IBC Choir
  • SATURDAY, 6/1/19: 12:00 Audio & Video Check

Sunday, May 26, 2019; Sunday Morning Worship Service
  • The Men's Chorus
  • Hymn Singers
  • The Praize Syndicate Musicians
Processional Hymn: #136 Look and Live
Congregational Hymn: #122 Blessed Quietness
Deacon's Prayer Response: Whatever You Need
1st Choral Selection: Let Nothing Shake Your Faith
2nd Choral Selection: Jesus Made a Way
Offering: Whatever You Want
Sermonic Selection: I've Got Jesus
Welcome Song: We're Glad You're Here
Post-Sermonic Hymn/Song: Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

Communion: NA